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Aptech certified computer professional (ACCP pro)

Course Duration Certification
  • Term I - 212 hours
  • Term II(.NET) - 456 hours
  • Term II(J2EE) - 468 hours

Term 1: HTML5 Programmer

No Modules
1 Programming Principles and Techniques
2 Programming with C
3 Working with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
4 XML Simplified
5 Introduction to Cloud Computing
6 Managing Data using SQL Server Databases
7 OOP Concepts
8 eProject – HTML5

Term 2: Technology Verticals

No Modules
1 Programming with C#
2 Developing Windows Store Apps using C#
3 Developing Advanced Windows Store Apps using C#
4 Data Structures using C
5 Working with Cloud Computing
6 Agile System Development Life Cycle for Software Projects
7 Developing ASP.NET Web Applications
8 Developing Applications using Windows Azure and Web Services
9 Internet Security
10 Developing ASP.NET AJAX Applications
11 Developing Mobile Applications using Windows Phone
12 Overview of J2EE
13 eProject (Enterprise Application Development)
No Modules
1 Managing Data using Oracle (Oracle 11g)
2 Fundamentals of Java
3 Object Oriented Programming with Java
4 Data Structures using C
5 Distributed Computing in Java
6 Database and Security in Java
7 Web Component Development using Servlets and JSP
8 Working with Cloud Computing
9 Agile System Development Life Cycle for Software Projects
10 Architecting Web Applications using JSF and Struts
11 Developing AJAX Applications using Java
12 Integrating XML with Java
13 Developing Enterprise Applications with EJB
14 Web Services in Java
15 Internet Security
16 Developing Mobile Applications using Google Android
17 eProject (Enterprise Application Development)